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Recommended gear for day trips and expeditions.  
Trip Descriptions and Gear Lists

Single Day Tour - Advice and Gear List
Our single day tour introduces participants to both the wonderful sport of kayaking as well as to some of the most beautiful spots on Okinawa. We will begin with a brief beachside introduction and then a short review of safety gear and equipment. Skills such as boat handling, paddle placement and strokes, and self-rescue maneuvers will be taught while enjoying a leisure paddle. Padaloha Kayakers takes full advantage of the stunningly beautiful inlets, sheltered coves and coral reef protected capes of the Okinawan coast to provide our customers approximately 6~8 hours of sea kayaking bliss.
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Download and print out our required Release Form.
Fill it out at home and have it signed and ready when you come to kayak.

The Mother of all Expedition Gear Lists
These gear lists are suggestions for expedition-level trips of a week or more in duration in remote waters.
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You don't need to be Rambo, but people unfamiliar with kayaking frequently describe their first tour as strenuous. Learning kayaking basics can be more strenuous than a casual touring trip. The better shape you are in, the faster you will learn/improve and the more fun you will ultimately have. If you are thinking about trying kayaking, at a minimum, you should be able to swim a few laps without any buoyancy aid (even though Personal Floatation Devices are always worn while on the water in our courses), you should be able to maintain a resting float (with PFD) in calm water, and most importantly you must be able to pull yourself/lunge out of the deep end of a pool without the aid of a ladder.  This requirement is critical because it is very similar to what one does to re-enter a kayak after capsizing; without this ability, any form of kayaking is dangerous.  If you are reasonably fit, it is not necessary to do any special exercises prior to the lesson/trip. However, swimming laps is beneficial. If you lack the upper body strength to do a push-up, consider doing some pushing type exercises (i.e., bench presses or simulate push-ups while leaning against a wall). In kayaking, flexibility is at least as important as strength. If you have poor flexibility (can't touch your toes without bending your knees, etc.), consider doing Yoga or other gentle stretching (i.e., toe touches, slow trunk twisters, and bending to the sides). Stretch slowly.  Don't bounce.  Start off slowly and build your routine slowly. Don't overdo any exercise or stretch. 

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Updated 23 May 2010