Padaloha Kayak Club

We offer a yearly club membership for use of Padaloha equipment whenever it is not required for tours.  Join us on a tour to experience the equipment and learn about technique and the various places you can visit, Once you are familiar with how to transport the kayaks and where to go, you are free to borrow our equipment at your leisure.


We understand that accidents do happen, so please let us know if any damage occurs.   Insurance is only provided when participating on a Padaloha tour, please be careful when handling the kayaks, know the dangers of the ocean and reef breaks, your ability, swell conditions and weather (such as off-shore wind!).


Introductory offer – Pay the tour fee and have it discounted from the yearly offer.


Yearly club member offer – Pay a yearly fee to use Kayak equipment when not required by Padaloha business.
Single $250
Family up to 2 Adults and 2 children $350
10% discount each additional, continuous year, up to 3 years)
{e.g. Single member $250 – 225 – 202 – 180)
Bring a friend and the friend gets first 2 times free, then either pays (as an accompanying friend) $50 rental each time or signs up for the Club agreement.
We would appreciate it if members would consider helping to maintain/secure equipment during times of maintenance or typhoons (lots to learn here too:)