Padaloha Kayak Club

We offer a yearly club membership for access to reduced tour prices and use of Padaloha equipment whenever it is not required for tours or maintenance.  Join us on a tour to experience the equipment and learn about technique and the various places you can visit, once you are familiar with how to transport the kayaks and SUP’s and where to go, you are welcome to borrow equipment at your leisure.

Yearly Club Membership (Single member or Family)

  • ¥ 10000

Club benefits

  • Gear use (kayaks, Paddle boards, snorkels), 365 days ¥1000 per person, per day.
  • 1/3 off Padaloha main Island tours.
  • Bring first time guests at club prices.
  • Nakijin gear use pick up/drop off.

Member prices


  • Adult ¥4000
  • Child ¥2000 (2-18 with parent)
  • There is no club tour charge if you bring your own equipment and are meeting on location.

Equipment use

  • Per person ¥1000 per day.
  • Equipment drop off/pick up in Nakijin area ¥2000.

Overseas club members

We welcome members from other Kayaking clubs around the world, Please contact us to discuss your options.


We understand that accidents do happen, so please let us know if any equipment damage occurs.  Please be careful when handling the kayaks, know the dangers of the ocean and reef breaks, your ability, swell conditions and weather (such as off-shore wind!).

Small print

We invite members to consider helping to maintain/secure equipment during times of maintenance or typhoons (lots to learn here too:)
Members may rent equipment at club prices for their guests providing member(s) are present for the duration of use.
Padaloha reserves the right to revoke membership at any stage. Refunds divided by time left minus ¥5000 admin fee.
Equipment is available in Nakijin and Yomitan by reservation on a first come first served basis, items may not be available due to scheduled tours.

If you wish to borrow equipment for more than one day, please confirm with us in advance. Please wash off and leave as you found it. Insurance is only provided when you are on a tour/experience with Nik, at all other times insurance is your responsibility. Padaloha maintains equipment to high standards, however it is your responsibility to inspect all equipment and verify its condition/seaworthiness prior to use, if you find damaged or unsafe equipment do not use it and report it. Respect the sea and pay close attention to forecasted and current sea and weather conditions.