Commercial Disclosure

Legal Name

We will disclose without delay if requested

Phone number
We will disclose without delay if requested

Email address

Head of Operations
アキ ブロガン

Additional fees
There are no additional fees in addition to the cost of the product or service, unless prearranged and agreed with guests.

Exchanges & Refund Policy
Deposit of 5,000 JPY (or the full amount) are required to confirm booking. Fully refundable if cancelling 3 days before experience date (Minus Stipe/Paypal/Bank fees), fully refundable if we have to cancel (Minus Stipe/Paypal/Bank fees). Alternative dates will be offered when possible.

Delivery times
After booking, the service will be delivered at the agreed date and time, any changes will be with the agreement of both parties.

Accepted payment methods
Stripe, Paypal, Bitcoin, Cash and bank transfer.

Payment period
Bookings are not confirmed until payment is received.

Amounts listed on each booking page (including consumption tax).