Kerama Islands

Zamami and Aka Island Tours

The Kerama Islands are a top destination for kayakers and Paddle boarders, it caters very well for all abilities with a variety of different challenges to keep everyone engaged. From the soft white sand beaches to the majestic reef, there are many places to explore .  For more information on the island see the wikipedia page and oki-islandguide.

Padaloha offers the following tour packages;

All prices include ferry, camp fees and equipment, Kayak and associated equipment, use of any paddle boards and snorkeling equipment we bring with us.  The first and last day involve a ferry leaving from Naha and Zamami/Aka respectively.  You will be responsible for feeding yourselves, cooking at the campsite or eating at one of the fantastic Izakaya’s nearby.

If you have children we can come up with an itinerary to include them too –  please contact us to discuss your options.

Full refund – if we don’t think the weather will be suitable and if the ferry is cancelled.

3 day, 2 nights

35,000 per person (min 2 people)

4 day, 3 nights

45,000 per person (min 2 people)

5 Day, 4 nights

50,000 per person (min 2 people)


Example Itinerary

Day 1

0930 Meet at Tomari port, Naha. And take the Ferry Zamami.

1200 Arrive at Zamami, set up camp/find minshiku and familiarise with the area, plan next days activities.

Day 2

Embark on the days adventure!

Optional Days 3 and 4 – More exciting things to do and places to explore!

Final day

Pack up camp and equipment and squeeze some more fun if we have time.

1400 departure from Zamami.

1600 Arrive at Tomari Port Naha.