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Kayak along inaccessible coast, Higashi, Okinawa

Higashi Untouched Coast Tour

We offer a variety of tours, mainly in the Yanbaru area but also further afield.  Two of our favorites are the Yagaji Sea Valley and the Higashi Untouched Coast Tour.

All tours are tailored to your schedule and ability.  We will do our best to incorporate as much fun and enjoyment as possible when considering the group’s needs, the ocean conditions and the predicted weather.

Main Okinawa Island tours can be as short as 1 hour and up to 7 hours just let us know your schedule, we can surprise you or discuss a more planned adventure.  Ryukyu Island Tours are from 2 night stay overs at a Minshiku (bnb style) or camping on the outer islands.

If you have children we can come up with an itinerary to include them too – except for ferry transportation we normally wont charge for kids unless they require their own equipment, please contact us to discuss your options in greater detail.

Full refund – if we don’t think the weather will be suitable and if the ferry is canceled.

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Kouri Bridge

Yagaji Sea Valley

Higashi Untouched Coast Tour

Ryukyu Island Tours (Multi-day)

We are currently working on a series of Ryukyu Island Tours, all of which involve taking the toys (Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Snorkels) on a short ferry journey to the Island of choice and camping or staying in a Japanese minshiku (bnb style) there.   Our prices include ferry and camp fees, camp equipment and all the toys to have fun.  All you need is clothes, swim wear and sun protection plus a little cash for your meals (Minshiku costs are extra and can vary depending on what’s available, we can help you with suggestions and booking).

Kume Island (4 hour ferry ride from Naha)

Kerama Islands Zamami & Aka (2 hour ferry ride from Naha)

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