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Kayak along inaccessible coast, Higashi, Okinawa

Higashi Untouched Coast


Okinawa’s biggest industry is tourism, and our guests are often new to kayaking, are families with children or have limited experience, we also have the equipment and the knowledge to cater for experienced kayakers looking for more advanced open sea experiences. We specialise in curating experiences for our guest’s needs and preferences and generally only take private bookings, this allows us to suggest suitable locations, duration and extra activities such as mangrove crab observation, cave exploring and snorkelling.


Below is an overview of locations we can kayak in.
Padaloha is based in the Nakijin and Nago areas of North Okinawa where we have a beautiful inland sea area, protected from ocean waves, providing easy, flat kayaking experiences. The inland sea has a mangrove bay and lots of tiny uninhabited islands to navigate through.  From this area, we are able to navigate through the yagaji sea valley with its jungle covered walls, out towards Kouri Island and the open sea.  Exposed to the open ocean on three sides, Kouri island offers a fantastic ‘cathedral’ cave to explore and some great snorkelling.
Beyond the safety of the protected areas are Nakijin reef, Bise Point near Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, and further a field to just about any location around Okinawa. Whist these areas can be very suitable for beginners, the conditions need to be right, and we would know this a few days before a particular day.


Ocean ready sit-inside pro sea kayaks, our kayaks are a mix of Japanese and North American makers, double and single seat, plastic rudderless and fibreglass with rudder. We paddle with carbon fibre Werner paddles and spray decks are available.

Main Okinawa Island tours can be as short as 1 hour and up to 7 hours, just let us know your requirements.  Ryukyu Island Tours start from a 2 night stay camping or Minshiku (bnb style) on the outer islands.

If you have youngsters, we can come up with an itinerary to include them too – please contact us to discuss your options in greater detail.

Full refund – if we don’t think the weather will be suitable or if the ferry is cancelled.

Suggested tours

Haneji Inland Sea (flat water kayaking, nearly always suitable for beginners and families)

Kouri Island (can be challenging, depending on conditions and experience preferences)

Untouched North Okinawa (can be challenging, depending on conditions and experience preferences)


Ryukyu Island Tours (Multi-day)

Ryukyu Island Tours involve taking kayaks and snorkel gear on a short ferry journey to the Island of choice and camping or staying in a Japanese minshiku (bnb style).   Our prices include kayaks, snorkel gear, ferry, camp fees and camp equipment.  All you need is clothes, swim wear and sun protection plus a little cash for your meals (Minshiku costs are extra and can vary depending on what’s available, we can help you with suggestions and booking).

Kume Island (4 hour ferry ride from Naha)

Kerama Islands Zamami & Aka (2 hour ferry ride from Naha)

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